These are competitive swim meets that are held, usually once a month, at the AIS in Bruce.  Development meets are designed to introduce new swimmers into a competitive but friendly competition where they can develop their technique, stamina and understanding of what a competitive swimmer goes through in order to achieve their goals. Parental involvement at these meets is paramount in order to achieve a smooth and well organised event.  It also gives the parents an insight into issues such as timekeeping.  A few notes to keep in mind regarding timekeeping are:

  • if it is your first time the other parents will show you how to do it – it is a very simple task;
  • it is usually only a one hour stint;
  • you are able to go to the bathroom during the longer events or if no-one is swimming in your lane for an event;
  • your child can approach you directly whilst you are time keeping and you can still help prepare your child for his/her race;
  • it is the best viewing seat in the house;
  • your child knows exactly where you are before and after his/her race making you easy to find;
  • you can record your child’s times in your own program whilst timekeeping;
  • complimentary food, coffee/tea & water is provided whilst you time keep.