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Swim meets give swimmers the opportunity to put into place, all those things their coach has been telling them to do.  For many swimmers the swim meets are the ‘fun’ bit of swimming.

There are different levels of meets.  Most ‘new’ swimmers will start by attending our CLUB NIGHTS.

The next level of competition is DEVELOPMENT MEETS.  Your coach will be able to provide you with information and ideas on what events to enter.  Development meets usually run for approximately 4 hours.

QUALIFYING MEETS are the next level of competition.  These are usually held in Canberra over two days and often have qualifying times you must meet to enter.  Again, entries and the entry fees need to be dropped into the Woden Swim Club box at the front of the pool or by email to our Race Secretary.

ACT Championshipsare held in both summer and winter.  Qualifying times are also applicable and the entry procedure is the same as above.

Meets need to be entered by either dropping an envelope in the Woden Swim Club box at the front of the pool along with the details of which events you wish to swim, as well as the entry fees including the $2 coach levy, or you can email Claire Nally, our Race Secretary at racesecretary@wodenswimclub.org.au with your meet entry details.  Entry monies can by paid by cash or cheque, to be made out to Woden Swim Club or via Direct Deposit.



At all of these meets it is really important to note that parents are required to volunteer to ‘help out’.  This could be as simple as taking your turn at timekeeping (a timekeeping roster for local meets is published on the website during the week before the meet), or by undertaking some training to become an official.

All meet information is published on our Website with links available.  Meet entries close one week prior to the official closing date in order for our Race Secretary to process the entries.

Swimmers who qualify may also enter Country, State and National Championships where they have the representation opportunities.   These meets need to be entered online through either Swimming NSW or Swimming Australia.  Please see the links on our Website.