Nov 05

CLUB NIGHT : 27 October 2017

We had another great turn out on the Club Night held on Friday, 27 October 2017.  It was fantastic to see our new members join in on the fun, welcome Ryan, Simon, Phoenix, Yusr and Sam.  Thank you to everyone who competed and helped out on the night.


  • Patrick, who won the Club Night Participant Raffle prize.
  • Jake N, who won the Club Captains Award.
  • Victor, who received an Upgrade ribbon for attaining the break time for 25m Backstroke at Club Night.
  • Hannah (Victor’s little sister), who received a Great Effort ribbon.


  • Alexey, Amy, Eric, Imogen, Jake M, Jake N, Jarrod, Jasmine, Jessica, Kiara, Kurt, Libby, Oliver, Patrick, Quinn, Rebecca, Tyler and Yaroslav, who were recipients of JX Awards.

A big THANK YOU to our wonderful Club Night Co-ordinators: Tomica and Stuart; Coaches Bethany, Maddie and Jasmine, Club Captains Ben and Jess, and the many members who helped with the running of the night.  Also, a SPECIAL THANK YOU to the members who once again provided the amazing amount of yummy food.

Well done everybody, hope to see you all again at the next club night which is on Friday, 24 November, 2017.  THIS WILL BE OUR FINAL CLUBNIGHT FOR 2017, so make sure you mark it on your calendar!!