Nov 27


Our annual Presentation Night / Christmas Party took place at the Hellenic Club on Saturday night, 18 November 2017.  Thank you to everyone who joined in on the celebration, it was a fantastic night, enjoyed by all.

Thank you to our Club Captains: Benjamin Stokes and Jessica Lee for organising the event, as well as Jasmine Thornton and Alexis Cross for helping out with the setup.

During the night the following awards were distributed.  Congratulations to all our worthy recipients.

President’s Award:    This year’s recipient has been a longstanding member of our Club (nearly 9 years) and has always been involved with Club related activities, always stepping up when needed.  Along with her own training, this year she has undertaken the shared role of Bronze Coach.  She is very passionate about her squad and is very caring, considerate and a pleasure to have on pool deck.  She is always involved with Club Nights and Fundraising ventures and is always determined to do her very best and get the best out of her Squad.  She is a very respectful member of our Club, who treats everyone with kindness and whose characteristics are commendable. This year’s President’s Award goes to Jasmine Thornton.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Outstanding Achievement Award:    This year’s recipient has achieved so much, breaking many of our Club’s records for his age group.  He competes and is a medalist at local, Country and State Championships.  He is a very motivated and determined swimmer and always puts in 100% at training.  Unfortunately, this member and his family are moving interstate at the end of this year.  We will miss them dearly and on behalf of our Club, we wish them all the very best.  This Year’s Outstanding Achievement Award goes to Yaroslav Zharkov. CONGRATULATIONS!

Club Night Participation Award:    This year’s recipient has always been an enthusiastic participant at Club Nights.  She gives her all, and always has a smile.  This year’s Club Night Participation Award goes to Tessa Chancellor.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Most Improved Green Squad Award:    This year’s recipient has come so far in just the space of a year.  He started off at the start of the year spending at least 15 minutes on toilet breaks. Since then he has improved immensely throughout the year. He has become a more motivated and determined swimmer with such a positive attitude towards everything. At the last development meet he smashed all of his PBs by 5-15 seconds and achieved under one minute in almost all of his events! I am very proud of all of his achievements.  This year’s Most Improved Green Squad Award goes to Lewis Holdway.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Most Improved Blue Squad Award:    This year’s recipient has improved immensely throughout the year. At the start of the year, this recipient set out with three goals that she was determined to achieve. Her first goal was to compete in a 200m Individual Medley race, which she completed at one of our very own club nights! Her next goal was to achieve under 1 minute in her 50m Breaststroke, which she smashed at the very start of the year. Although this recipient is still trying to achieve her last goal, she is more determined then ever. She constantly shows up at training with a positive attitude and helps to motivate other swimmers. I am extremely proud of all of her efforts this year and how far she has come.  This year’s Most Improved Blue Squad Award goes to Libby Newcombe.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Most Improved Bronze Squad Award:        This year’s recipient always puts in 100% at training sessions, listens to instructions and always does what’s being asked.  She has improved immensely over the past 12 months and has put in the effort to make this happen.  She is very respectful and polite and is an absolute pleasure to coach.  On behalf of Coach Maddie and myself, it gives me (Jasmine) great pleasure in presenting this year’s Bronze Award to Madeline Nolan.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Most Improved Silver Squad Award:    This year’s recipient has made enormous progress throughout the year. He has been very focussed and has tried really hard to challenge himself and improve his swimming skills.  This is reflected in the strong run of PBs over recent months.  This year’s Most Improved Silver Squad Award goes to Jake Newcombe.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Most Improved Gold Squad Award:    This year’s recipient is a very dedicated swimmer who is extremely focussed on improving his skills and challenging himself at all training sessions.  He has already been reaping the rewards of these improvements with the expectation he will continue to do well at higher level meets over the coming months at both State and National level.  This year’s Most Improved Gold Squad Award goes to Jarrod Lee.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Club Captains Certificate of Achievement Award:     This year’s recipient has participated in nearly every qualifying meet they they can enter; has outstanding sportsmanship, always cheering the club on at local and interstate meets.  At training and at meets, his determination is phenomenal, always strives to do his best, hardly ever complains about the sets given and always gives it his all.  He recently competed at the Telopea qualifying meet achieving 3 medals including his first qualifying meet gold medal; with 3 PBs out of his 4 races.  He has recently broken the Woden records for his age group in 200m Backstroke, 50m Backstroke and the 400m and 50m Freestyle.  He has qualified and raced at State, Country and Speedo Sprint Championships throughout the year, as well as achieved the junior excellence gold award.  He includes everyone within the club and is a friendly face to talk to after you have had a bad day.  He is caring and is a valued Woden member and his determination is hard to beat.  This year’s Club Captains Certificate of Achievement Award goes to Kurt Linder.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Steve Young Memorial Clubperson of the Year Award:     This award was introduced in 2014 in order to celebrate the life and memory of one of Woden’s greatest ever members, Steve Young.  The award is open to all current Woden members including swimmers, parents and life members.  The recipient is decided upon by the Executive Committee (thus being ineligible themselves), as they have a good idea of all the members and their respective involvement within the club. Qualities such as respect, attitude, dedication, sportsmanship, passion and competitiveness are all taken into account.  In conjunction with this, the conduct displayed by the recipient, both within and outside of the club, and it’s promotion to the public, is of utmost importance, as this is the legacy that Steve and all of his work has instilled at the heart of our club and its members.  It is the highest honour that any Woden member can receive placing them in an elite group within the club’s history.  This year’s Steve Young Memorial Clubperson of the Year Award goes to Tomica Gnjec and Stuart Couper.  CONGRATULATIONS!

CONGRATULATIONS also to the following winners:

  • Steve Nolan – Best Dressed Adult Male
  • Keryn Vilo – Best Dressed Adult Female
  • Olivia Grellman – Best Dressed Green Squad Member
  • Quinn Froggatt – Best Dressed Blue Squad Member
  • Tessa Chancellor – Best Dressed Bronze Squad Member
  • Olivia Holford – Best Dressed Silver Squad Member
  • Jake Mackie – Best Dressed Gold Squad Member
  • Kevin Wong – “Guess how many Mentos” competition (Answer: 132 packets)
  • Tegan Exall (Liam’s little sister) – “Pin the Moustache on Coach Steve” competition
  • Jake Mackie & Jake Newcombe – “Who Am I” Competition (Answers: 1. Amy; 2. Angela; 3. Ben; 4. Ben; 5. Maddy F; 6. Emily; 7. Eric; 8. Hannah; 9. Imogen; 10. Ivan; 11. Jake M; 12. Jake N; 13. Jarrod; 14. Jasmine; 15. Jasmine; 16. Jessica; 17. Kiara; 18. Libby; 19. Natasha; 20. Patrick; 21. Isabel (Bella); 22. Ryan; 23. Tyler; 24. Victor; 25. Yaroslav)
  • All the Chocolate winners.

Looking forward to next year’s event.  Hope you all can make it.  See you there!!