Jul 03

TRAINING SCHEDULE : Gold & Silver Squads

There has been a change to Saturday’s training schedule.  Please note below: –



Note: There is no training this Saturday (4/7/2015)

Jul 03

GOOD LUCK : NSW SC Country Champs

Good Luck Country Champs

Jul 02



Jul 02

NEWSLETTER : June Edition

 You can view June’s edition of the Newsletter by clicking on this link : JUNE’S NEWSLETTER

Jun 29

PROMOTION : Active Leisure Centre Erindale

Swimmers and Parents,

Greg Ward, Manager of Active Leisure Centre Erindale, has kindly offered a great promotion to all our families. Please print off the flyer (Click here : WODEN SWIM CLUB PROMO) and take advantage of this fantastic deal.

As well as this fantastic deal, you will also be able to purchase a book of twenty (20) tickets which provide discounts to pool entry.  Usuaully, it is a requirement that each family member obtains their own book of 20, however, we have been given the exclusive offer of being able to share the booklet between family members.  (Each family must have their own booklet).

Once again, we would like to thank Greg and the Active Leisure Centre for their generosity.  We hope to see all our members take advantage of these great offers.

As always, please don’t hesitate in forwarding any enquiries you may have to the Executive Committee.


The Executive

Jun 29

TRAINING CANCELLED : Gold & Silver Squads


Jun 28


CONGRATULATIONS to the following Woden Sharks who have been selected to participate in either the Swimming ACT A, B or C Squad.

  • A Squad :  Jarrod and Ethan
  • B Squad : Alexis, Patrick D, Amanda, Grace and Jasmine
  • C Squad : Oliver, Jess L, Jake, Luke and Mason.

To qualify, the swimmer must have been eligible to compete at:

  • A Squad – 2015 Age Nationals or National OWS
  • B and C Squads – 2015 NSW State Age (Long Course) or NSW OWS.

The list of squad activities include:

  • A Squad : The A squad meet/camp is being held on the weekend of 8-9 August in Sydney.  In addition, the athlete testing that was commenced last year will continue for all national level swimmers.
  • B and C Squad : There will be two camp days for members of the B and C Squad. The camps are being held at the AIS on Saturday 25 July and Saturday 22 August. The camps will have a testing component, along with other pool activities and educational sessions. The camps will start at 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm.  The B & C squad meet is being held on the weekend of 19-20 September at Mingara.

Congratulations to our Woden Sharks that have been selected.

Jun 27

June Club Night

Thank you Katie, Patrick D, Patrick H, Patrick C, Hugh, Jarrod, Jasmine, Alexis, Ben, Mason, Svetlana, Amy, Tessa, Kurt, Imogen, Natasha, Luke, Nicholas, Joel and Emily for participating in this month’s Club Night.  It was fantastic to see the new faces.  Thank you also to Amanda, Ethan and the many parents who helped out with time keeping, marshalling and starting.

The Relay event this month was won by the team made up of Mason, Jasmine, Luke, Patrick C, Imogen and Natasha. Loads of fun was had by all.  Great swimming, great competition, Great Night!

Congratulations to Jarrod and Amanda who were awarded their Club Captains badges.  If you have a question or suggestion and you don’t know who to see, please don’t be shy … go see Jarrod or Amanda.  They are more than happy to help, and if they can’t, they will notify someone who can.

As the Tuggeranong Pool will be closed over the next couple of months, our Club Night Organiser is contemplating other activities the club can do.  If you have any suggestions, please send an email to this link : Club Night Co-ordinator or or go to our website’s suggestion/feedback page at the link : FEEDBACK.


Our future club night events will be posted on the Website.  Please check regularly.

Jun 25


Information for members re posts

Jun 25

TRAINING SESSIONS : Gold & Silver Squads


After careful consideration and discussions with Coach Bill, the training schedule for Gold and Silver Squads, over the closure period of the Tuggeranong Pool, have been changed.

The morning sessions will now start at 5:30am (finishing at 7:00am) at the Erindale Pool, starting Wednesday morning, 1 July 2015.

Swimming programs for Gold and Silver Squads will be tailored by Coach Bill ensuring each swimmer reaches their potential, maximizing the time available.

Please don’t hesitate in forwarding any enquiries to the Executive Committee.



Jun 22

MEET REPORT: Ginninderra Winter SC Meet: 20/21 June 2015

We had a fantastic team of 13 swimmers at the Ginninderra Winter Shout Course Meet on the weekend including Yaroslav, Mason, Jasmine, Luke, Nicholas, Kiara, Jake, Ethan, Jess L, Jarrod, Patrick H, Oliver and Alexis.  Fantastic because 10 of our amazing swimmers achieved an astounding 100% PB rate with the other 3 sharks swimming PBs and racing to their current times.  Every single swimmer should be extremely proud of their efforts, well done!

Congratulations to the following Woden Sharks for breaking Woden Swim Club Records:-

  • Yaroslav broke the 9yo Boys 50m Freestyle (previously held by Yaroslav);
  • Yaroslav broke the 9yo Boys 50m Butterfly (previously held by Yaroslav);
  • Jake broke the 12yo Boys 200m Breaststroke (previously held by Jake);
  • Ethan broke the 13yo Boys 200m Backstroke (previously held by Jarrod);
  • Ethan broke the13yo Boys 100m Breaststroke (record dated back to May 2006)
  • Ethan broke the 13yo Boys 200m Individual Medley (previously held by Ethan).

With the Country Championships being held in Sydney in early July and State Championships scheduled for late August, nearly all of our swimmers qualified or requalified to compete.  Great Swimming!

Well done to all who competed.  We are so very, very proud of every single one of you!

Jun 19

Rebel Sports “Support Your Sport Program”

Rebel Sport Support your SportHi Woden families.

Our club has been successful in gaining support from the Rebel Sports “Support Your Sport Program”.  Under this program, the club can earn 5% of your purchases as instore credit to spend on our sports program.

All you need to do is join the Rebel Active Program, using the cards that have been supplied to us. We will start handing out these cards via the coaches.  If you don’t receive a card, please let us know by email at this link Rebel Active and we will get one to you as soon as possible.

Once you have your card and are ready to make a purchase at Rebel Sports, please advise the checkout operator that you would like to set up the card and nominate Woden Swim Club as your preferred club.   An instruction sheet will also be provided to assist you.

If you already have a card, there is no need to replace it.  All you need to do is let them know you would like to link it to “Woden Swim Club”.

Once your card is set up, swipe it with every purchase.  You will receive access to great member prices, deals and other initiatives and the club will receive a 5% credit.

Thank you for your support.

Jun 19


To run our Club efficiently, an up-to-date list of ALL our members’ details are required.  All information will be kept confidential and will only be used for Woden Valley Swim Club purposes.

[notice]Could ALL MEMBERS please complete the form below by 30 June 2015.[/notice]

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Parent/s Name:

Email Address:

Home Phone Number:

Mobile Phone Number:

Postal Address:

Emergency Contact Name:

Emergency Contact Phone Number:

Child 1 Full Name:

Child 1 Squad:

Child 1 DOB (dd/mm/yyyy):

Child 2 Full Name:

Child 2 Squad:

Child 2 DOB (dd/mm/yyyy):

Child 3 Full Name:

Child 3 Squad:

Child 3 DOB (dd/mm/yyyy):

[warning]If you are experiencing problems submitting this form, please send an email to this link:

Protection Information Officer (protection.information.officer@wodenswimclub.org.au)


Jun 17

CONGRATULATIONS : Youth Performance Squad Recipients

The Australian Youth Performance Squad (YPS) is an exciting initiative designed to reward swimmers aged 13-18 for their performances in the pool. The YPS is an extension of the Junior Excellence program which recognises and rewards 9-13 year olds. Similar to Junior Excellence, YPS rewards swimmers for achieving particular time standards set by Swimming Australia.

Congratulations to the following YPS recipients:


  • Jarrod Lee


  • Ethan Lowey 


  • Patrick Dixon
  • Amanda Joyner

YPS qualifiers will receive special recognition by way of: 

  • A customised towel based on level achieved
  • Poster
  • Cap
  • DVD
  • Backpack
  • Name published on this website

(NB: Pack will be distributed to recipients once received.)

Jun 17

CONGRATULATIONS : Junior Excellence Program Recipients

The Australian Junior Excellence Program (JX), recognises, rewards and encourages junior swimmers who, through their development of aquatic skills and fitness, achieve a high standard of swimming excellence.  Under the program, swimmers aged from 9 to 13 years, who accomplish times set by Swimming Australia, qualify at Gold, Silver, Bronze or Green standard, depending on their best performance/s during the season.  Australia is one of the top swimming nations in the world and by achieving the Green, Bronze, Silver or Gold JX standard, junior swimmers are on the pathway to international success.

Congratulations to the following JX recipients:

Gold Star

  • Kiara Mackie


  • Alexis Cross
  • Oliver Holdway
  • Jessica Lee
  • Jake Mackie,
  • Luke Robinson,
  • Mason Thornton


  • Sarah Joyner
  • Grace Read


  • Patrick Couper


  • Abigail Adera
  • Jessica Curren
  • Nicholas Odgers
  • Sam Owens
  • Jonathon Soper

Recipients will receive special recognition by way of: 

  • A distinctive JX cap (9 and 10 year olds) or JX shirt (11 to 13 year olds)
  • A JX certificate of achievement signed by the National Youth Coach and members of the Australian Swim Team
  • A JX motivational poster featuring elite Australian swimmers
  • Publication of their name on this website
  • A USB with tips from Swimming experts for 11 to 13 year olds.

(NB: Pack will be distributed to recipients once received.)

Jun 17

MEET REPORT : Winter Distance Meet : 14 June 2015

Alexis was our only competitor at the Winter Distance Meet held last Sunday, 14 June 2015.  She competed in the Mixed 11 & Over 800m Freestyle event, placing 1st and achieved a huge short course PB of over 19 seconds.  Well done Alexis!  

Jun 16



Jarrod Lee and Amanda Joyner have been selected as the 2015-2016 Woden Valley Swim Club Captains.

Woden Club Captains 2015

 Congratulations Jarrod and Amanda!

The Committee would like to thank all members who voted and to all nominees.  A big thank you must also go to the outgoing captains, Patrick Dixon and Nadine Lowey for their contributions over the past year.

Jun 16

MEET REPORT : Cruiz Dev Meet : 14 June 2015

Woden had 12 competitors attend the Swimming ACT 2015 Winter Development Meet hosted by Cruiz on Sunday 14 June 2015.   They included Emily, Patrick C, Amy, Patrick H, Kurt, Kiara, Nicholas, Luke, Ben, Jasmine, Mason and Yaroslav.  There was once again some great swimming and some massive PBs achieved.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.

  • Emily competed for the first time in the Girls 7yo 25m Backstroke, Butterfly, Freestyle and Breaststroke events going home with a 3rd place ribbon in the Backstroke.
  • Patrick C competed in five 10yo Boys events, achieving 4 PBs and placing 1st in 50m Butterfly (Int), 100m IM (Dev), 50m Breaststroke (Int), 100m Backstroke (Dev) and 2nd in 100m Freestyle (Dev).
  • Amy competed in four 10yo Girls events, two of them being the first time raced and despite no goggles in the 50m Butterfly, Amy swam a great race.
  • Patrick H competed in four 13&O Boys events placing 1st in the 100m Freestyle (Int) and 50m Butterfly (Int).  Patrick had a 100% PB rate for the meet.
  • Kurt competed in four 9yo Boys events, placing 2nd in the 100m Freestyle (Dev), 50m Butterfly (Int), 50m Freestyle (ACT) and 3rd in the 50m Breaststroke (Int).
  • Kiara competed in the 10yo Girls 100m backstroke for the first time, and swam just short of a Country qualifying time.  Unfortunately Kiara was so quick, no-one took a photo of her.  Sorry Kizzy.
  • Nicholas competed in five 11yo Boys events and achieved a 100% PB rate.  He also took home a 3rd place ribbon for 50m Freestyle (Dev) and 200m Breaststroke (Int).
  • Luke competed in four 12yo Boys events and placed 1st in all of them.  He competed in the 200m Backstroke for the first time and swam PBs for 50m Backstroke (Int), 50m Butterfly (Dev) and 100m IM (Int).
  • Ben competed in five 13&O Boys events and placed 2nd in the 50m Freestyle (Int) and 3rd in the 50m Butterfly (Dev).  He achieved 3 PBs including a 10.5 second PB in the 100m IM.
  • Jasmine competed in two 13&O Girls events and took home a 2nd place ribbon in the 50m Backstroke.
  • Mason competed in three 13&O Boys events and achieved a 100% PB rate.  He took home a 2nd place ribbon in the 50m Backstroke (Int) and the 50m Butterfly (Int) and a 3rd place ribbon in the 100m IM (Dev).
  • Yaroslav competed in four 9yo Boys events placing 1st in all of them.  They included 50m Backstroke (Int), 100m Freestyle (Dev), 100m breaststroke (Dev) and 100m Backstroke (Dev).  Yaroslav is now the new Woden record holder for 9yo Boys 50m Backstroke.

Well done to all who competed.  We are very proud of you and all your efforts on the day.

Jun 13

Swimming ACT upcoming training sessions

If you are interested, please click on this link : Swimming ACT Upcoming Training Sessions

Jun 12


Training Equipment Banner

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