Mar 28

March Club Night

March Club Night Collage for Web

Thank you Bradley, Chelsea, Ethan, Hugh, Jake, Jarrod, Jasmine, Jess L, John, Kiara, Kurt, Nicholas, Patrick C, Patrick D, Sarah and Tessa for competing at last night’s Club Night.  Thank you also to Mason and the many parents who helped out with time keeping and Amanda who did an excellent job, even without the equipment.  The competition was exciting as usual with the Relay event being favourite amongst the competitors and spectators.  The winning team was made up of Patrick D, Jasmine, Jess L, Kurt and Patrick C. Well done!  There were 11 entries in the “Who Am I” competition.  It was very close with Jarrod winning 1st place correctly identifying 16 out of the 17 images.  Jess L also had 16 correct but came 2nd due to a later entry.  3rd was Jake with 14 correct.  Congratulations to everyone who had a go.  A great night of competition and fun.  See you all again next month.

Mar 27

NEW BLUE COACH : Bethany Poyser

We are thrilled to welcome Bethany Poyser as our new Blue Coach.  Along with her warmth, enthusiasm and dedication to swimming, Bethany joins Woden Swim Club with seven years of competitive swimming experience.  Please make her feel welcomed!

Bethany, Blue Coach

“I’m very excited to be returning to Woden Swim Club, this time not as a swimmer, but as Coach of the Blue Squad.   I bring seven years of experience and knowledge that I have gained as a competitive swimmer.   I thrive on helping swimmers improve their technique in the water, understand how to mentally prepare for practice and meets, as well as helping swimmers learn the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals. 

As an athlete, I swam competitively for Woden at both Country and State levels.  I had, and once again have, the privilege of being part of a wonderful club.

Coaching at Woden Swim Club is a great opportunity for me, and I am very excited to be part of this great club.  My goal is to bring my experience as an athlete to the team and help teach what it takes to be a part of a team and achieve each swimmer’s personal goals!

I look forward to working alongside Bill and Neill and learning from their many years of experience.  I appreciate their mentoring and guidance as I further my coaching education.

I especially look forward to meeting all of you and your swimmers!”


Mar 25


Training Cancelled

Mar 24

Swimming ACT Awards Invitation

Swimming ACT is holding their Annual Awards Evening at the Hellenic Club on Saturday, 16 May 2015 at 6:00pm.

If you would like to attend, please contact our Secretary, Daniel Joyner at

View Flyer Here

Mar 24



Notice to all Parents and Swimmers

Many of our members may have recently learnt, via news releases, that the Lakeside Leisure Centre will be closing as of 1st July 2015 for approximately two months for refurbishments.  This decision has been made by the ACT Government, as it believes the upgrades they can complete to both the concourse and change rooms in this time, are necessary, in order to supply the public with a centre of the highest possible quality.  It is believed that this would be the optimum time for the upgrades to take place as it coincides with the Canberra winter.  This being the case, The Executive has been charged with the task of finding available water space in order for all of our squads to continue to train with minimal disruption.

We would like to inform our members that we are doing, and will continue to do, all within our powers to find an amicable solution for this problem that we are faced with.  Please be aware that it is inevitable that there may have to be perceived changes to our training structures (that currently exist) in order for the club to obtain water space.  We are aiming that these fore mentioned changes have minimal impact upon our members in order to aid this period of transitional change.  We would also like to add that once the refurbishments are complete, Woden will be returning to the Lakeside Leisure Centre to resume training as per normal.

Again, we would like to say this will only be a temporary change to our structure, but none the less, one which we must address if the club is to negotiate through this two month period.  We will endeavour to keep all of our members as up to date as possible with proceedings, but if anyone has any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the website links or on pool deck.

For all of our members who are interested in voicing their concerns and opinions, the Minister for Sport and Recreation, Shane Rattenbury MLA, will be holding a round table discussion in the Executive Conference Room Level 2, ACT Legislative Assembly from 12.30-2.00pm on 1 April 2015.  Woden Swim Club will have representation at this meeting, but we would encourage everyone who can spare the time to attend.

Thanks in advance

The Executive

Mar 23


James Brophy Inter-district Invitational Meet : Sunday, 22 March 2015 – AIS, Bruce, ACT

Congratulations to Jasmine, Amanda, Jess L, Jake and Yaroslav for competing at the James Brophy Inter-district Invitational Meet held on Sunday, 22 March 2015.

Jasmine Pbd in both her 50m Butterfly and 50m Breaststroke events winning Gold in Breaststroke.  Jess L Pbd in 3 of her 4 events; 50m Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke and brought home 2 Silver medals.  Jake also Pbd in 3 of his 4 events, 50m Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke and brought home 1 Silver and 3 Gold medals.  He also won Gold in the 12-13yo Boys 4x50m Medley Relay.  Amanda brought home a Silver medal for her 50m Backstroke and was part of the 14-15yo Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay who placed 2nd winning Silver.  Yaroslav was once again swimming at his usual best.  Yaroslav Pbd in 3 of his 4 events taking 2.6 seconds off his 50m Backstroke, upgrading his already held 8yo Boys Woden Record.  He also took 2.7 seconds off his 50m Butterfly and is now the Brophy titleholder for this event.  Yaroslav also took 2.2 seconds off his 50m Breaststroke and is now the Brophy titleholder for this event and he also upgraded his 8yo Boys Woden Rocord for this event.  Yaroslav was also part of the Under 9yo Boys 4x50m Freestyle and Medley Relays and won Gold for both these events.  Amazing swimming Yaroslav, well done.

Well done to all of our swimmers.  ACT Swimming is very lucky to have you as part of their team as you all competed at your best and displayed great sportsmanship.  We are all very proud of you.

Mar 16

MEET REPORT : ACT Championships

What a weekend!  So many fantastic results! So many personal bests!

Well done to you all.

The championships started on the Friday evening with Jake, Luke, Jarrod, Ethan, Amanda, Eliah and Patrick H competing in the 200IM event.  Jake swam a PB of 3½ seconds; Luke over 6 seconds and Patrick H swimming a huge 20 second PB.   Jarrod and Ethan also swam PBs with Jarrod breaking the Woden Record for 13yo Boys.  Jess L, Chelsea and Grace were next competing in the 400m Freestyle event.  Jess took off 6 seconds, Chelsea 20 seconds and Grace 5½ seconds.

Friday night swimmers were back on Saturday with Kiara, Sarah, Jonathon, Jasmine, Jess C and Patrick D joining the team.  Our first event was 50m Backstroke with both Amanda and Grace achieving PBs.   The 100m Freestyle event saw many PBs: 3 seconds for Kiara, 5 seconds for Luke and 2 seconds for both Patrick H and Jonathon.  PBs were also achieved by Sarah, Jess L, Ethan, Grace, Amanda, Eliah and Patrick D.   50m Butterfly saw Sarah swim a 6 second PB with Kiara, Patrick H, Grace and Jess L also doing PBs.  Chelsea swam a 5 second PB in the 200m Backstroke with Ethan and Eliah also swimming a PB.  100m Breaststroke saw Jonathon swim a 4 second PB, Jake a 1½ PB and Luke also swimming a PB.  Kiara nearly swam 10 seconds faster in her 200m IM.  Saturday finished with Jarrod swimming the 800m Freestyle event.

Then there was Sunday ……Yaroslav was first up swimming a PB in his 50m Breaststroke as did Kiara, Jake, Luke, Jettah, Sarah, Jess C and Patrick H who knocked 4 seconds off his previous time and Jess L took 4 seconds off her 100m Butterfly.  Jake swam an amazing 200m Breaststroke where he chased down, overtook and came first; taking 2 seconds off his PB.  Luke swam in the same event stripping over 13 seconds off his PB.  Kiara swam a PB in her 50m Freestyle, as did Jettah, Jake, Luke, Grace, Patrick D and Patrick H.  Yaroslav PBd and broke the 8yo Boys Woden Record in his 50m Backstroke and Jake, Grace, Jasmine, Eliah and Ethan all swam PBs in their 100m Backstroke event with Ethan qualifying for Nationals.  Well done!   Yaroslav also swam a PB in his 50m Butterfly knocking off nearly 2 seconds.   Finally, the last event for the day, the weekend, the meet …. 200m Freestyle.  Congratulations Luke, Jess and Jasmine for swimming PBs in this event.

It was a fantastic championship.  Congratulations to Jettah, Grace and Patrick H who achieved a100% PB rate for the meet and to Kiara, Jake, Luke, and Yaroslav who only missed out by 1 event.

All swimmers should be very proud.  You all swam very well and you should be pleased of all your achievements.  Great Swimming! Great Results! Great Weekend!  See you all back at training.

PS…. We all missed you Mason, hope you mend quickly.

Mar 13

CLUB NIGHT : Friday, 27 March 2015


Club Night will be held on Friday, 27 March 2015.

The Club Night organisers are planning to make this a bumper occasion with a great range of incentives/treats/rewards for the events, and a fun relay to finish off the night.  It would be great if as many swimmers and parents as possible could come along and be part of this March Club Night.

Entries can be posted online, OR downloaded, printed and handed to your Coach on pool deck.  Please have entries submitted by 7:00pm, Wednesday, 25 March 2015.

Warm up commences at 5:00pm; Racing starts at 6:00pm sharp.  See you all there!


Competitor's Name (required)

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Competitor's Date of Birth (only if this is your first Club Night)

Select your first event:

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Or download the entry form Club Night Card 2015_27_03

Mar 10

Australian Masters Games : Vintage 2015

The Australian Masters Games is a biennial sporting event that is regarded as one of the premier and largest participation sporting events on the Australian sporting landscape. In 2015, the 15th edition of the Games will be hosted in Adelaide, South Australia.  The event is open to anyone. The only criteria to compete in the Australian Masters Games is you must meet the minimum age criteria, which in most sports is 30+ years.

For more information, please click here.

Mar 08

MEET REPORT : Speedo Sprint Finals in Sydney

The main aim of the NSW Speedo Sprint Series – FINALS is to provide swimmers in the 8 – 13 Years category the opportunity to compete against the combined finalists from all of the Area run NSW Speedo Sprint Series – HEATS.

Congratulations to all our Speedo Sprint Competitors on an amazing day in Sydney with many personal best times being swum.

Chelsea swam a PB in the 11yo Girls 50m Freestyle event and then she was gone, escaping the photographer.

Kiara swam a 1 second PB and placed in the Top 10 in the 9yo Girls 50m Freestyle.

Jake was right on his times and achieved a PB in his final event, 12yo Boys 50m Butterfly.

Luke won a Bronze medal with a PB in the 11yo Boys 50m Breaststroke and broke the 11yo Boys Woden record for this event.  He also did a PB in the 50m Freestyle.

Mason placed in the Top 10 in the 12yo Boys 50m Breaststroke and swam PBs in all of his events.

Patrick C achieved a PB in both the 10yo Boys 50m Breaststroke and 50m Butterfly.

Yaroslav won a Bronze medal in the 8yo Boys 50 Freestyle and once again broke the Woden record for this event.  Yaroslav also swam a PB and won a Silver medal in the 50m Breaststroke and broke the 8yo Boys Woden record for this event.  He aslo placed in the Top 10 in the 50m Butterfly.

Fantastic swimming everyone. Congratulations and well done.

Mar 05

MEET REPORT : Queanbeyan Development & Distance Meets #4 – 01/03/2015

Something new, something …… new….

In case you haven’t realised yet, the take home message from the Queanbeyan Summer Development meet was ‘new’.  New faces, new PBs, new events.  Shout outs to the Queanbeyan weather for delivering on what the Goulburn Development meet had promised last year.  A thunder storm.


Kicking off the ‘everything is new’ theme was Tessa who competed in her first ever development meet with the Woden Swim Club.  Tessa thought competing was such a great idea she convinced her brother Walter to compete too.  Well done Tessa!

Also competing with the club for the first time at a development meet was Yaroslav.  Still recovering from a mid week illness, Yaroslav competed in 5 events and placed 1st in all of them.  He also broke the Woden record for 8&U Boys 50m Freestyle, which he only just broke at the Speedo Sprints a month ago.


Kurt competed in all four 50m events and PBd all events with the highlight being a 3.5 seconds improvement on his Butterfly time.  Jettah smashed her 100m Freestyle time by 6 seconds.  It was a great reward for all her hard work on her Freestyle this year.  Chelsea also achieved PBs in the 200m and 100m Freestyle.


All swimmers competed in new events.  Patrick C competed in the 100m Breaststroke and 100m Freestyle for the first time placing 1st and 2nd respectively.  Luke also competed in the 200m and 400m Freestyle events placing 1st in each.  Luke said he really enjoyed the 400m distance and we look forward to his impressions of the 800m at the next distance meet.

Special mention should be made of Chelsea’s effort at the Distance Meet.  She was the only Woden club member to compete at the meet and is the first Woden Club 11 year old girl to compete over the 800m distance.  Fantastic effort Chelsea!

Congratulations and well done to you all.

Our next development meet will the first of this year’s winter series.  It will be held at the AIS on Saturday, 9 May 2015.


Neill Kennedy
Bronze & Blue Coach

Mar 01

NEWSLETTER : February 2015

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Feb 25

MEET REPORT : 2015 NSW Country Championships

We had a great turn out with 16 kids participating at 2015 NSW Country Championships held last weekend in Sydney, including Amanda, Chelsea, Elijah, Ethan, Grace, Jake, Jarrod, Jasmine, Jess C, Jess L, Kiara, Luke, Mason, Ollie, Patrick and Sarah.  There were those who were veterans to this championship but we also had three swimmers participating for their very first time (Sarah, Kizzy & Jess C), all of who were in good spirits and pumped for a weekend of racing and fun.

The meet started on a high with three of our Silver squad swimmers in the 200m Breaststroke. Mason was first up producing an amazing 11 second pb!  Next were Ollie and Jake…. both boys putting on an incredible show.  Ollie came away with the Silver medal with Jake and Mason making the Top 10, Jake 5th and Mason 8th.

The Woden Valley Sharks Cheer Squad had set themselves up on the balcony to cheer on their fellow swimmers.  They were very loud and proud!

Ethan was up with his 200m Backstroke placing second in his heat and 11th place overall.  Ethan medaled in his 100m Backstroke achieving Bronze and Silver for 100m Breaststroke.  He also achieved Top 10 results for 200m IM and 200m Breaststroke.

Jarrod achieved Top 10 results in all of his 7 races, medaling Gold in 100m Backstroke; Silver in 100m Butterfly and Bronze in 100m Freestyle.   His powerful swim in the 100m Butterfly earned him a 1 second PB breaking Hugo Morris’s longstanding Woden Record for 13 yr boys 100m Butterfly.

Luke swam a fantastic 100m Breaststroke achieving a 4 second pb making the Top 10, placing 4th.

Other Top 10 results were achieved by Jake for 200m IM; Mason for 200m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle and 200m IM; Ollie for 200m Freestyle, 100m Breaststroke and 50m Breaststroke and Elijah for 200m IM, 200m Breaststroke and 50m Breaststroke.

We had three relay teams: 12 & Under boys starring Ollie, Luke, Jake and Mason; 12 & Under Girls starring Sarah, Kiara, Chelsea and Jess L; and 13-14 Year Girls starring Jasmine, Jess C, Grace and Amanda.  Each team competed in the 4 x 50m Freestyle and the 4 x 50m Medley.  These relays were fantastic and the team work was wonderful to watch.

Everyone swam really well in their races, whether it be an individual race or in their relay team.  There were many medals won and numerous pb’s made during the weekend.  Both Luke and Sarah achieved 100% PB rates. Well done to everybody.

It was a very long weekend and all of our swimmers should be extremely proud of their efforts.  I would like to congratulate you all, and Bill, for your wonderful achievements throughout this championship meet.




Oct 14

Updated Qualifying Times for 2015 ACT Championships

The qualifying times for the 2015 ACT Winter Championships have changed since last year.

Note that age for the Champs is as at 15 March 2015

2015 ACT Championships QTs as at 11 October 2014




Sep 04

NSW State Age Championship photos

Jul 17

New Woden Sharks Shirts Available Now!

Swimmers and Parents,

The new Woden Swim Club shirts that were ordered two weeks ago have arrived and will be available for purchase at club night tomorrow – 18 July.

They will cost $35 each with a good range of sizes currently in stock. If you are interested in purchasing one but can’t make club night then you can always contact our property officer Felicity McDonald on pooldeck.


The Exec

May 29

New Woden Sharks Facebook Page

Hi Everyone

We have set up a Woden Sharks Facebook page.
The page will bring the following to Woden:
  • A forum to inform our swimmers and members
  • Additional sponsorship
  • Recruitment of new swimmers
  • A widespread and effective medium to inform our swimmers of current events
  • Encouragement to all club swimmers by portraying their ribbons/medals won at meets
  • Promote club night 
  • Promote our main meet and development meets
  • Reach the wider swimming community through Facebook association with Swimming Australia and Swimming NSW (who both have Facebook pages)
I have set tight controls on the page.
All posts will be vetted before they go live onto the page.
I have set the profanity settings to strong – so anything that resembles a swear word will be blocked.
If you have a Facebook account you can like the page and also post on the page.
If there are derogatory or defamatory posts put onto this page the post will be removed and the person responsible will be blocked from the page.
The other issue is pictures. Some parents may not want pictures of their children (or themselves) on the page and this is understandable. If you do not approve of your picture or your children’s picture on this Facebook page please send an email to providing the names of those people who you do not wish to appear on the Facebook page.
You can view the page here:
The Exec